The OpeMax 500 Floor Hoist

With the OpeMax 500 Floor Hoist, there is no more lifting of individuals during transfers from bed to wheelchair, from wheelchair to bed.


Product Description

Benefits of Using OpeMax 500 Floor Hoist:
• Eliminates injuries for both caregiver and user.
With the OpeMax 500, the caregiver does not have to lift the user from the bed to the wheelchair. This will reduce the risk of the caregiver dropping the user during such transfers.
• Eliminates unnecessary discomfort for user
The caregiver grabbing the user too tightly may result in hurt and injury to the elderly user. This is especially important to elderly users as elderly individuals have relatively brittle bones and requires special care and attention.
• Saves time and effort
The caregiver can employ the time and effort saved on lifting and uses them on other needs of the user.
• Accessible to user in most positions and places
The curved design of the OpeMax 500 allows the user to be rotated 360° and with the powered opening and closing legs which are operated via hand control, these allows the user to be lifted up from most positions and places. For example, lying down or sitting up positions, from bed, chair, from the floor or other tight spaces or corners.

Unique Features
• Curved design gives high lifting height, but keeps patient away from hoist
• Choice of 3 spreader bars: Standard, Manual Cradle or Powered Cradle
• Unique self-balancing, expanding Cradle Option
• 227kg capacity with powered opening/closing legs
• Weighscale option designed into the hoist to ensure maximum lifting height


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