V64 Straight Platform Stairlift

Model: V64 Straight Platform Stairlift.
V64 – Accessibility to all public and private locations, in complete safety thanks to this Straight Stairlift.

The V64 stairlift with wheelchair platform, travelling on a straight rail (ideal for one flight of stairs), is exceptionally safe and convenient.

Product Description


The V64 is available in three models:
Standard – with compact platform for installation on small-sized staircases and landings;
Large – with larger platform for wheelchairs with specific space requirements;
Extra large – with oversized platform to meet all transportation needs.


Installation of the V64 does not require any building work and does not interfere with the interior design style.

Strong And Reliable

The V64 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, thanks to design features that ensure a long working life and unbeatable performance even in problematical weather conditions.

Standard Outfit

• Controls protected against unintentional use, and of the constant pressure type
• Removable key
• Emergency stop
• Manual emergency manoeuvre
• Progressively operated mechanical safety gear
• Speed limiter
• Automatic protector panels
• Supporting handle
• Electric safety limit switches
• Shock-absorbing, anti-shearing and anti-crushing devices
• Acoustic and optical (light) overload alarm
• Preset for EN 81/40


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